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We thought it might be helpful to give you a few examples of organizations. It may give you a better picture of how you can set your organization up.

Local Youth Sports Organization

YouthAtPlay can be set up to handle multiple sports programs in a snap. By creating one group for each sport, all board members, Sam, Craig, Martha and Chet are able to keep track of individual programs related to a given sport. This provides a simple yet elegant way to keep track of all programs across all sports. Now all the board members are happy and well informed.

Coach With One Team

Sarah was in desparate need of keeping track of all her soccer player's contact information. She also wanted a tool to help simplify her communication with the parents. Sarah's assistant coach Sue also needed access to this same information. YouthAtPlay allows you to add more than one user who can help manage the day to day neeed of your organization. YouthAtPlay to the rescue!

Scout Leader

YouthAtPlay can be set up to simply and easily handle all of Jane's scouting information. Both Jane and Mary use YouthAtPlay to keep track of scouting programs within their organization. The best part is that they no longer have to email excel spreadsheets or copy and paste information into email in order for both to know what is going on.

Kindergarten Teacher

YouthAtPlay is so flexible and simple. Mark, a kindergarten teacher, uses YouthAtPlay to keep track of all his student and parent information. By using groups to identify morning and afternoon kindergarten, Mark is able to email all children or just the morning or afternoon class depending on the need. With the notes field for each youth, Mark can easily store important information such as Mrs. Jones is allowed to pick up Johnny in emergencies. Mark can also print out role call sheets and many other reports.

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