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Feature List

Our free version will always be free. We want you to use and enjoy YouthAtPlay for as long as you like for free. However, if you act now, the first year of our full-featured paid edition is only $29 instead of $39. That's a savings of $10 off the first year!

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Easy Access

Accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. No more Excel spreadsheets or scattered papers. One centralized, simple and elegant tool to keep track of your organization.

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Store all contact information in one place. All information can be updated and viewed by other users that you allow access to. Keeping this information centralized and up to date is the key focus of YouthAtPlay and plays the central role in all other tasks.

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Groups provide an easy way to associate your kids with different groups within your organization. An example might be a sports team or a troop number or a morning class.

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Users are the key people in your organization that are allowed to log in and use YouthAtPlay. Users can be set up with one of the following roles. Contributor (Read, Edit, Add, Email Access), Manager (Read, Edit, Add, Email, Categories, Programs, Fees) Administrator (Everything).

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Using your centralized and up to date contact information within YouthAtPlay, you are able to send quick and timely emails. Also, you have more options than just sending email to a list of all youth in your database. You can further narrow your email depending on your needs to just youth in a specific group. All emails are stored in history so you can go back and review what has been communicated in the past and to who.

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Calculated Ages

Sometimes the simple things are the most valuable. When you enter your kids into the database, you can optionally enter their date of birth. We then automatically calculate their age for you. You can even sort on age. How cool is that?

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Yep, you can store a child's gender. In the event that your groups are just for boys or just for girls, you can quickly sort by gender to find the candidates.

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Parental/Guardian Contact Information

Sometimes a youth has parents or guardians that don't live together. In other cases a parent may just want to be emailed to two different accounts. With YouthAtPlay, you have the ability to do that.

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Youth Notes

Each youth has a notes section so that you can quickly save information pertaining to just them.

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Powerful Search

If you have a large amount of youth to keep track of, you can quickly find an individual. Search for name, gender, category, program. It's easy!

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Printed Reports

Whether it is a role call sheet, a program roster, youth listings, we are adding new printable (PDF) reports all the time. Do you have a suggestion?

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